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Betting on Australian Football Made Easy: Expert Tips from Wintips!

Australian football betting online bookmaker australia is a unique and novel online sports betting discipline that has attracted a significant number of participants and is growing just as rapidly as other sports. Right now, Wintips is here to help you understand more about the origins and the exciting game of this betting discipline.

What is Australian football betting?

Australian football betting is an online sports betting activity based on the odds offered by the bookmakers. Although this discipline is not yet widely popular in Vietnam, Australian football presents an opportunity to earn money through Australian football betting.

Similar to other sports, bettors just need to research the players and follow the match schedule. Then, simply log in to the bookmaker and start placing bets. Betting on Australian football is not overly complicated, it is easy to play, and the chances of winning are quite high. However, to secure winnings, players should spend some time understanding the basic rules, the different Australian football betting options, and the major Australian football leagues to easily claim victories.

Types of Australian Football Bets

Handicap Betting

Handicap betting (also known as spread betting) is a very popular form of betting at bookmakers.

Players need to guess the final margin of the match. However, in handicap betting bookmaker ratings the will divide teams into a stronger team and a weaker team.

Naturally, the stronger team will give a spread or points to the weaker team to balance the game.

For example, in a match between West Coast Eagles and Western Bulldogs, the Western Bulldogs are given a 3.5 point handicap (i.e., an additional 3.5 points to their actual total score).

If you bet on the Western Bulldogs, you win if the two teams draw, Western Bulldogs win, or lose by no more than 3 points.

Otherwise, if West Coast Eagles win by 4 points or more, you lose.

Betting on Each Quarter

In each match, there are 4 quarters. Before the quarter begins, players can bet on each specific quarter. Players can predict the score or which player will win the quarter.

Betting on Individual Match Outcomes

This betting type is similar to betting on individual quarters mentioned above. Australian football rarely ends in a draw, so bookmakers set bets in two ways, meaning there are only two outcomes: either this team wins or the other team wins.

Betting on the Season Outcome

Similar to other betting disciplines, players can bet on the outcome of the entire season. Players need to predict which team will win overall and which player will be the best of the season. The results are recognized when the player places bets from the start of the season until before it ends.

Australian Football Betting Odds

The odds are set as a multiplier of the amount the player has bet. The odds are used to calculate the winnings a player will receive for each specific bet.

Players can calculate their exact winnings by multiplying the bet amount by the odds.

For example, if a player bets 300,000 VND on West Coast Eagles with odds of 2.5 and West Coast Eagles win, then the player receives 750,000 VND (i.e., 2.5 times the initial bet amount).

Each bookmaker sets different odds, so before placing bets, you should compare bookmakers to choose the best odds for your match.

If you bet at lower odds, the chances of winning are higher. Conversely, higher odds are less likely to yield winnings.

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However, the probability of predicting outcomes is not certain. For example, a team might have a 75% chance of winning, but there is still a risk that they could be defeated.

Redeeming Australian Football Betting Winnings

Australian football betting is a real money betting game. Match outcomes are continuously updated and announced immediately after they conclude.

The total winnings a player receives from Australian football betting at Wintips are always transparent. To see the winnings during the betting process, players can check under the “Balance” section at the top right corner of the screen.

The process of converting winnings into real money and withdrawing at Wintips is extremely simple. Just access your “Personal Profile” page, then click on the withdrawal command to transfer to your bank account.

To complete the transaction, you only need to wait a short while. Within no more than 5 minutes, the winnings will be credited directly to your bank account.


Betting on Australian football is fundamentally similar to other sports disciplines. The information we have just shared has hopefully given you a better understanding of this unique and fascinating sport.

Now, apply that knowledge to earn significant winnings. And right now, quickly access Wintips and join us in this exciting experience.

In conclusion, Australian football betting offers a unique and exciting opportunity to engage with sports in a different way. Whether you are a seasoned bettor or a newcomer looking to explore new avenues in sports betting, understanding the rules and strategies of Australian football can significantly enhance your betting experience. By applying the knowledge shared here and carefully analyzing the odds and game conditions, you can increase your chances of winning substantial rewards. Now, why not visit Wintips and start your betting journey with Australian football today?


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